Lodge of Instruction

The Rowner Lodge of Instruction meets on the 4th Monday of each month from September to April (excluding December). The LOI is normally close tiled at 7pm. 
The purpose of the Lodge of Instruction is an opportunity for all brethren to gain a better understanding of the ceremonies and ritual practiced in Rowner Lodge. 
The format is normally a rehearsal of a ceremony with the officer's of the regular Lodge occupying the position they expect to fill next year. This 
gives them a chance to practice a ceremony from a seat which until then is unfamiliar. There are also opportunities for any brothers to practice any additional ritual or signs, from that ceremony, should they so desire. 
There are usually a number of experienced past masters at the LOI and they are always willing to offer advice and encouragement. 
All Brethren of Rowner Lodge are welcome to attend LOI, not just those 
who wish to progress into lodge offices. Officers of the Lodge (inc 
Stewards) are expected to attend regularly. (EAs and FCs should 
check which ceremony is being rehearsed with the Assistant Perceptor W. 
Bro Peter Ambrose on 07824 399265.) The atmosphere is very friendly, 
dress is casual, and a few refreshments after the ceremony are the norm.